We are passionate about pushing organizations forward. This is done by identifying the needs and deploying processes and technologies that significantly decrease the delivery times and increase the quality of a product. The key success factors for a project are the high understanding of the customer requirement, the innovative way of implementing it and the execution time. 

Eyal Peretz

Co CEO/Founder

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Eyal brings to Delegen almost 10 years of experience in ALM. Prior to founding Delegen Eyal lead ALM and IT operations at Artizone and before that was a senior ALM consultant for several key companies in the Israeli high-tech industry. Eyal has vast experience in automating organizations operations and implementing complex build systems.

Dudu Shmaya

Co CEO/Founder

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With almost 15 years of experience in software development and 10 years of experience in ALM, Dudu brings expertise in implementing development processes and supporting technologies. Prior to founding Delegen, Dudu was an R&D Director at Artizone, leading it's R&D Operations group and also lead ALM implementation at several key companies in the Israeli high-tech industry.

toolsmith - The software equivalent of a tool-and-die specialist; one who specializes in making the tools with which other programmers create applications.

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